Who we are

We are colleagues who work in NGOs in Germany and Spain, in a public body in Romania and a social enterprise (cooperative) in France. Find below descriptions on our organisation’s profiles.



weltgewandt. Institute for Intercultural Civic Education is a non-governemental organisation based in Berlin/Germany. It provides citizenship education and information on political, social and cultural issues for everyone. weltgewandt („open to the world”) focuses on a) making current developments in society and politics understood, b) fostering an awareness of what democracy is and which values are needed to keep it running and c) encouraging citizens to actively participate in social, political and cultural life. Taking the existing plurality of modern societies into consideration, weltgewandt also strengthens d) the dialogue between people of different cultures, social contexts, generations and life-styles.

weltgewandt runs seminars, workshops and trainings combining complex issues of societies with creative approaches. It also produces teaching material for trainers and teachers encompassing information and didactical inspirations for positive and fruitful learning experiences.


Coopetic is an « activity and entrepreneur » cooperative which helps free lancers to develop their activity with the support of the cooperative. It is an original entrepreneurial framework allowing new business forms and ways of working together. It supplies the entrepreneur with administrative and accounting tools, which allow him/her to develop his/her business without having to deal with the administrative, accounting and legal aspects of his/her activities. An entrepreneur can develop his/her own activity and when his/her annual turnover allows it, he/she can be paid as an employee of the cooperative (having all the legal securities linked with the status of employee). The cooperative offers also the possibility to build « ad-hoc » teams in order to answer calls for tender that entrepreneurs could not alone apply to. Coopetic is based in Paris but connects entrepreneurs all over the French territory. Coopetic is specialized in the fields of media, communication, audiovisual and web. It coordinates a network of more than 200 entrepreneurs who develop their own activities in synergy with the other cooperators. Coopetic has developed a high expertise in the domain and can build collaboration for communication, audiovisual or web projects. It has developed an expertise in the field of conception and implementation of e-learning solutions and seminars in adult formation about digital communication.

See also the partner description (PIF).


A.M.E.F.E. (Malagueña Association of Education and European Training) is a private and educational organisation in SPAIN. Founded some years ago that represents an ample educational sector in Spain. Some of the purposes of the association are:

– Organise and conduct cultural activities to further development , conservation and cultural diffusion. Training through courses and conferences partners / as volunteers / as and citizens in general. Promote and strengthen the bonds of friendship between European society and community Andalusian society closer to new cultures through lectures , debates , panel discussions , exhibitions, and projects. Promote and disseminate European culture within the Andalusian society, in the first instance within the educational community for a sociocultural exchange whose fruit is mutual understanding and improving coexistence between both. Encourage, within the framework of the educational community , research and knowledge from a historical , anthropological , social, cultural, humanistic , ideological and political European perspective.

– Encourage cultural , educational and scientific experiences and to promote research contributing to the understanding and knowledge in Europe. Preparation of studies that help to increase awareness of new technologies in the field of education in Europe. Contribute to conservation , intervention, improvement and dissemination of historical, artistic and ethnological heritage of Andalusia in Europe. Spread the culture of cultural pluralism and coexistence and tolerance in Europe. Being a tool of integration and coexistence between different cultures on our continent , promoting the development of a process of integration of European citizens who have not yet been integrated into our society. Defend the legitimate rights of European citizens who comprise a minority in different social and cultural fields (people with disabilities , dependents, persons with disabilities , people suffering exclusion ) . Promote education and dissemination of knowledge as vital to the goal of tolerance and peaceful coexistence instrument. Promote and collaborate actively in all tasks aimed at education and training for the understanding of the natural environment as well as any activity that promotes the creation of a sustainable development of the planet on which look you benefit the environmental health and conservation or protection of Nature, Environment and Climate Change.

See the presentation of AMEFE during the kick-off meeting in Berlin (January 2019)


Centrul Judetean de Resurse si Asistenta Educationala Vrancea

The County Office for Resources and Educational Assistance Vrancea is a public educational institution (counselling body) established in 2006 as part of the pre-university educational system in Vrancea county, with the main purpose of delivering and monitoring of the educational specific services for children / pupils, teachers, parents and members of the local communities in order to ensure the access to quality education for all of them.

C.J.R.A.E. Vrancea coordinates the activities of the County Office for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance, School offices for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance, School Offices for Speech Therapy and the Service for Evaluation and Educational and Vocational Orientation. Most of our 49 members of the staff are school counsellors – 32 (with degrees in psychology and / or pedagogy) and speech therapist – 10 (with degrees in psychology); according to the Law of Education, they are considered teachers and most of them also teach psychology and pedagogy in schools in our county. The institution has 6 non-didactic staff members (accountant, librarian, secretary, 2 social workers, maintenance) and some unpaid staff, mainly volunteers working on different projects that we implement (on average, 10-15 volunteers on each project).

Our staff provides counselling and therapy for the entire school population of our county (around 50 000 pupils), their parents and teachers (around 4 000 at all educational levels).

C.J.R.A.E. Vrancea has offices in around 1/3 of the schools in our county, where we have staff working full time, and partnerships with all the other schools, from kindergarten to highs-schools, providing educational assistance based on their request.

C.J.R.A.E. Vrancea also has a good cooperation with the Vrancea County School Inspectorate (providing assistance in the periodical evaluation of the educational activities in schools and doing educational researches), with the Vrancea County Council, implementing common projects on social and educational inclusion, with other public authorities in our county and with the other CJRAE in the country, implementing common projects and exchanging good practice examples.

Picture: “You can not not communicate.” (Paul Watzlawick) Meeting in Berlin