Empowering Digital …

… literacy in a Transforming World

Digitalisation is on everyone’s lips.

Artificial intelligence and algorithms, 3D printing and the use of robots increasingly influence life and work, the way of communicating, producing and political decision-making. But what is meant by digitalisation? What social impact will the technological change bring? Further deindustrialisation, increased unemployment and/or new jobs? New possibilities of information, but also of surveillance, active participation, but also of hate speech? And how should these developments be shaped by politics?

Adult educators in France, Romania, Spain and Berlin exchange ideas and knowledge, share didactical skills and create a wiki.

The focus lays not only on the technological, but also on the social and political dimension of the digitalisation. The Wiki also contains inspirations and methodological suggestions for an “analog” learning on this topic.

Find on this website information on the two-year cooperation, its aims and ideas, on what we do, produce, learn, and share during the project.