Artificial intelligence, big data, cyberbullying and more. Workshop in Focsani / Romania, Oct. 2019

Colleagues from all project’s partner organisations were hosted by the Romanian partner CJRAE Vrancea in Focsani / RO from 18th to 23rd October 2019 and experienced five rich days. The workshop’s focus layed on the history of digitalisation, artificial intelligence, cyberbullying and big data. For this, participants from the Romanian and the German team have written contributions to the wiki. They were subject by applying formal and non-formal methods in order to make digitalisation in its technical, social and political dimensions an issue of adult learning. Moreover, the group discussed the content of these contributions to be provided on the project’s wiki (still not published).

User centered design method

During the project meeting in Paris we got to know the user centered design method. What does it mean? “The chief difference from other product design philosophies is that user-centered design tries to optimise the product around how users can, want, or need to use the product, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to accommodate the product.” (Wikipedia)

We try to apply this method when we design our wiki. An ongoing endeavour…

Picture: Renaud Bessiers, qodop

Project meeting in Paris, 3rd-5th July 2019

The meeting was dedicated to project management, training sessions about wiki designing as well as an exchange on the wiki contents we are going to create during the project. All participants (2 per organisation) were impressed by the user centered design method in which Renaud Bessiers from qodop introduced. We then discussed on how to apply this approach in our context of European adult education. We agreed on the next steps of the Wiki’s content production. Moreover, we discussed the programme of the following workshop in Romania in October 2019 when we combine discussing articles of the wiki with sharing methods for an analog learning on digitalisation. We experienced two rich days of collaborative work which also gave insights in the profile and organisation culture of our French partner COOPETIC.

Project meeting in Berlin, January 2019

Our first face-to-face meeting took place in Berlin in the end of January 2019.   The main focus was given on the common production of our Wiki referring to technological, sociological and political aspects of digitisation in Europe. The colleagues from France, Romania, Spain and Berlin also planned the whole project in detail.

Picture: “You can not not communicate.” (Paul Watzlawick)