Method reflection

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Activity title

Method of reflecting methods


Session for trainers to reflect and enhance its didactic capacities


– Exchange on obstacles, challenges and difficulties in different learning contexts,

– Collecting ideas for solutions.


Paper, pen


1,5 hours

Group size


Instructions for trainers

1. Participants (p.) brainstorm aspects which challenge its work. For example, “learners want to do ‘useful’ workshops (don’t see the value of creative methods)”, “language skills – how to explain the methods?”, etc.

2. The facilitator notes each thought in the middle of one sheet of paper (A3). He/she distributes the papers in the room.

3. Each trainer notes on the papers his/her ideas, good experiences, proposals.

4. All walk from paper to paper and study the answers.

5. Exchange: What was most impressive? What inspirations did I get? Would this method help also in my context?