Hints on digitalisation

Below you may find inspirations on aspects of digitalisation. Enjoy reading!

Picture: Thom, unsplash.com

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Future 4.0. Digitisation of Economy and Society. A Challenge to Labour and Society

During another project colleagues from Czech Republic, Estonia, UK and Berlin provided information on the subject of digitisation. It contains an introduction to the history of industry 1.0-4.0, technological aspects (like artificial intelligence and algorithm, robotics, 3D printing), impacts on society, the political framing of the developments and the role of education. Moreover, the material provides exercises and games for trainers in adult education.

Digitalisation, a broad topic

Find here a first  list of articles, videos, teaching material, information on digitalisation reflecting the topic from different points of view.

facebook container, a tool which helps

Those users who work with firefox and experienced virus attacks after posting on Facebook can enjoy an easy tool provided by Mozilla to prevent any negative impact of this social medium: the facebook container add-on. It also hinders Facebook tracking.

User centered design method

During the transnational project meeting in Paris from 3rd to 5th July 2019 gave Renaud Bessiers from qodop an introduction to the user centered design method. It is a marketing instrument but gives useful inspiration for European adult education. It is up to us to adopt and modify it, creatively. See the full presentation of R. Bessiers and the method’s description. All is published under creative commons.